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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Holidays are Here - Last Call for Help

This is the last week for help before the holidays!!!

Please note the General Help Class Schedule

I still have a few last minute slots for Private Lessons!!

Please note the Holiday Schedule for Sip & Knit, Inc.

I will be in on the 28th for General Help, however, there will be no private lessons on that day!!!

Have a great Holiday and check back for the schedule for January. There will be 1Day Workshops posted as well!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Specialty Classes!!! NEW!!!

The following classes are 1 Day classes designed to have a project in progress when you leave the class and the ability to finish it for a Holiday Gift!!



Sunday December 7th 1:30-3:30pm $25.00
Cowl - This project is a simple Cowl to wear just like a scarf. This class will include a pattern to be furnished by me. See store for details on yarn requirements, or email me.

Sunday December 14th 1:30-3:30PM $25.00
Cables, Cables, Cables!!!! - In this class we will learn the basic principles of a cable. We will cast on for a scarf, however if you have a project in mind, bring it in!! There will be time at the end of class to start a project!! See store for details on yarn requirements, or email me.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

General Help Class Schedule




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Specialty Class - Neck Down Sweater


Please contact Sip & Knit in person to sign up for class!

Sweater Knit from the Neck Down:

5 Scheduled Session and 5 Flex Sessions, yes for a total of 10 Classes!!!:
Sunday afternoons 1:30-3:30pm
11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23, 11/30*

*if this date does not accommodate us due to Thanksgiving weekend, we will all come up with another date for the final class!!

In this class we will learn to knit a sweater from the neck down. The pattern I have chosen is a cardigan. We will discuss how to convert it into a pullover, why we use the decreases we do, how to change it up by inserting a pattern and a few more tidbits!! This sweater can be completed by the last class, homework will be assigned after each class to accomplish this!! There is little to no finishing!!! Alternative Sweater is the February Lady Sweater pictured below, this too is a top down sweater. Either sweater is done on worsted weight and is possible to finish by the end of this class!!

All supplies are to be purchased at Sip & Knit prior to class. Cancellations 72 hours prior to class will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations less than 72 hours no refund will be made. Classes may only be made up by private lesson.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Specialty Classes!!! NEW!!!

2 New Classes Starting Now at Sip & Knit, Inc.

Christmas Stocking:

3 Sessions given on Saturday Mornings 9:30-11:30am
10/18, 11/1, 11/8
In addition to receiving the pattern for this stocking we will learn how to shape the leg adjust the pattern to include other items, such as a name, and knit the foot in the round with 2 circular needles. The stocking will be completed by the end of the last class!!!

Sweater Knit from the Neck Down:

5 Scheduled Session and 5 Flex Sessions, yes for a total of 10 Classes!!!:
Sunday afternoons 1:30-3:30pm
11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23, 11/30*

*if this date does not accommodate us due to Thanksgiving weekend, we will all come up with another date for the final class!!

In this class we will learn to knit a sweater from the neck down. The pattern I have chosen is a cardigan. We will discuss how to convert it into a pullover, why we use the decreases we do, how to change it up by inserting a pattern and a few more tidbits!! This sweater can be completed by the last class, homework will be assigned after each class to accomplish this!! There is little to no finishing!!! Alternative Sweater is the February Lady Sweater pictured below, this too is a top down sweater. Either sweater is done on worsted weight and is possible to finish by the end of this class!!

All supplies are to be purchased at Sip & Knit prior to class. Cancellations 72 hours prior to class will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations less than 72 hours no refund will be made. Classes may only be made up by private lesson.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Due to the 2 Specialty Classes on Sunday the 28th there is NO General Help Session.

The Calendar on this site is correct, however I have accidentally put the 28th as an on day for the flyer in the store.

I am terribly sorry for this confusion.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last Call for Class Sign Up this Weekend

OK, This is Last Call for sign up for the Coasters,Can Cozy and Wine Cozy

These are easy projects and they will teach you how to use 2 Circular Needles. This technique will make it a faster knit. You can felt them or knit with cotton whatever you like. We will be going over how to make the pattern work for both!!

I have also added the Continental Knit Stitch Class as requested by many clients!! This class will be loads of fun!! Sign up now this one gets very crowded and usually has a waiting list, however there is room for up to 20 students

Click the blinking Calendar Icon for detailed information about class time and fee.

All classes are given at Sip & Knit. Contact information can be found on the
Sip & Knit webite, just click on the Specialty Class section!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

General Help Class Schedule

The October schedule is up for the General Help Sessions.

General Help Class Progress:

So many of you have been getting a jump on the Holiday Knitting!!! yeah!! If you haven't begun to knit for the holidays now is the time!! I will be posting a Christmas Stocking class for October with in the next few days so shop the sale today for all you needs!!

I will also be posting a Top Down Sweater
Doni has all the info for the supplies for each class, again shop the sale for all of your class needs.

I will be giving a class on learning to do the knit stitch Continental Style. Many knitters know how to knit both English and Continental and many don't. I believe it is very beneficial to knit both ways. You can apply each way for various reasons. Some reasons include 2 handed stranding for color working, hand fatigue, shoulder fatigue and just for the heck of it!!
Class date will be Saturday October 4th 10am-12pm
Cost $25

Please feel free to ask me any questions or make suggestions. All classes are given at Sip & Knit
Contact information can be found at the Sip & Knit website, just click the Specialty Class link.

See you all in class!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted sooner!!

I just cant seem to get used to this new schedule!!

My husband ha a new schedule at work and we feel like all we do is work and crash. My poor son cant get used to it easier. I was very accustomed to just saying, "Going to the store be back soon" and Tommy was there to take care of Alex. I know it is just a matter of organization but that is not what I aspire to!!:) I would rather knit or be with knitters or teach some knitting, get the picture?!

Today is #2 of sock class. I hope everyone loved working on the 2 circular this week to complete the foot. Hopefully I will have some pics to post tonight!!

In the next week or two I will post October and November to the calendar and when the Sweater class and Christmas Stocking class will be given, and I believe it will begin the first weekend in October.

If you have any suggestions post them here. I dont check my email as often as I do my blog site.

Well it is off to the store for some cappuccino and good company!! I love that machine we have where else can you get cappuccino, latte , espresso and coffee all with a touch of a button and it is complimentary to boot!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here is the info for the September Workshops: Click the blinking icon for the dates classes will be given.



Toe Up Socks - Toe up allows for a perfect fit!! 2 Circulars allows for speed, so what are you waiting for!! If you have never knit socks don't sweat it!! Are you looking for an alternative way to knit socks or maybe you just need to learn something new. This class is for you!! All you need to know are some basics, such as, Knit, Purl, Cast On, Bind Off, and any type of increase and decrease. This class will open a whole new world to sock knitting!!

Oops I dropped a stitch - Its Back!! This is the fix-it class everyone has been waiting for. You will learn to recognize your mistakes and may different techniques to correct them. Just imagine not having to start all over just because of a little boo-boo!!! Space is limited to 6 and there is homework to do, so sign up early!!

Wine Cozy otherwise known as Adult Christmas Stocking!! - A fun variation on the wine bottle cozy. We used Christmas colors but you can use any color scheme you like. Why not get a jump on the holiday with this easy project. This is a great 2 Circular project!!

Felted Coaster and Beer (can) Cozy - This is another one of those fast projects that can double as a gift for any occasion!! You don't have to put a can in the cozy either; I have used it to put a candle in for a gift!! 2 gifts in 1!! Decorate your table with seasonal colors. This is another great 2 Circular project!!

All Classes are given at Sip & Knit, contact information can be found on the Specialty Class section at the Sip & Knit website.

Hope to see you in class!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

General Help Class Schedule



I have also posted 4 new workshops!!

Toe Up Sock Class

Oops I dropped a stitch!!!

Wine Bottle Cozy otherwise known as an "Adult Christmas Stocking"-great party gift!!

Felted Coasters and Beer (can) Cozy

More detailed info will be at the store tomorrow. Sign up begins immediately!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Class Alert!!



See you in Class!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Class Alert!!

If the rain keeps up through the morning I will have to cancel Fridays Class 8-22-08 10-12

Check back here by 9am to see if it is a go or not. For those of you who have my contact # feel free to call, but I will post by 9am Friday for sure

Okay so I spoke to soon, it is a monsoon outside!!! I went to pick up my son from school and everyone else must have had the same idea. He normally takes the bus but it was kicking up pretty hard out there!! I was 5 blocks away on the back of the line from the pick up zone....ugh

My front tree is a big live oak that is sick and needs to come down. We are getting estimates for windows and a roof before we take it down, however, Fay may do us the honor!!!

Try to get my staffie Dixie out in the rain, good luck, I had to dress her in a sweater so she would go out. Vivian, the chihuahua has more you know whats she goes out in anything but this rain makes the ground like a kiddie pool so she gave me a little resistance but went out anyway!!

Oh new bulletin School is Closed tomorrow!!! My guess is that the rain will subside, you know, Murphys Law!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay, Fay Go Away!!

Ok, I know I said I would post pictures by Monday, but, we were expecting Hurricane Fay, which as you know turned out to be a Tropical Storm. Huh, what a joke, those of you who live here know what I mean and those of you who don't live here let me explain:

The first thing you do is go food shopping, and I mean a lot of food shopping, not just what you normally buy but canned goods you never really use. Just in case of a power outage. We need to be able to eat something, so it is chef boy-ardee to the rescue!! Then we start to put things away we have been taking our time going through, like the linen closet or pantry or papers that have stacked up way to high. Now you are in hyper mode!!! So you figure you better clean the bathroom, again, and maybe vacum. When the power goes out 95degrees makes even the cleanest carpet smell!! Having no power is bad enough but couple it with high degrees and high humidity, and yuck is all I can say! At least if it was cold we could keep warm by the fireplace!! Even if it was only 70 or 80 it would be tolerable!!

When your inside is done you go outside and double check you don't have anything that can fly around and say, come through you window!! So you wind up doing a little more that that. It is just human nature to prune some of the plants being you are all sweaty and muddy anyway!!

Last, your kid is now home for atleast one day, the second day of school, so there goes the relaxation you were counting on!!!

So now you hunker down!! as the newcasters like to say. Then you wait and watch the new continuously for approach studying the doppler radar like a pro and this is what you get:

The storm has weakened, there is some rain and wind, but nothing out of the ordinary for Orlando. Then the storms turn a little more east instead of north, which is where we are in relationship to the northeast quardrent of the storm of coarse this is the part where tornadoes are probable, so we are getting ummmm NOTHING!! oh maybe just a smidge!!

So here is what I have experienced as a result of this:

I have groceries to return. Lets face it I will not eat the canned goods and why waste money in this day and age.

My son now has to make up 2 days of school which will interfere with Fall Break and probably Summer Vacation. They will take 1 day from the break and add one day at the end of school.
Keep in mind this is just the beginning of the hurricane season. It lasts until Nov. and typically Sept is the really active month

I have to ripe the closets apart again because, lets face it, I have no idea what I put back!!

Last but not least, I lost business due to the panic. Only 2 brave soldiers came to class in the light rain, everyone else was wiped out from the stress of getting ready for the storm. I know the store owner lost 2 days of business and can't imagine all the other small businesses that will lose most of this week to the trama.

Believe me I am grateful that is wound up being nothing!! Just over tired I guess.

*UPDATE 8/21 8AM - Fay is now dumping constant rain on us, and wind gust is pretty good, so this is the day the kids go back to school!! Yes school is now open all I can say is WHAT THE HECK!!!*

I am working on the pictures now. Here are some of the ones I have ready, you can also view more on the Flickr icon to the right of this post and down the page!!

To the left are completed "Adult Christmas Stockings", just fill with you favorite wine or champagne!!
To the right are hats for the troops.
These were done by sisters who come to me frequently and I love when they come in!! One day I will be able to tell them apart!!

Two felted purses.....

Two knitted socks......

Two pairs of legwarmers....

I get the feeling this student likes the # 2!!! I call her my happy knitter!!

To the left a pair of toe up sock made with melody
On the right a skirt in the round.
These are done by 2 students who travel all the way from Mt. Dora to visit the shop and take lessons with me.

Christmas Stocking in progress!!

Now here is one lady who does not let any grass grow under her feet!!

Smart lady to get started on holiday knitting, I wish we all would take a Que and get going!!

Well I hope these pictures tide you over for now. Hopefully between friday and sunday classes I will have more pictures to post next week!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

I know it has been to long between posts!!

I have pics to post and will do them tomorrow, after all tomorrow is my first day off since June 5th, yes school starts 8/18 for our southern babies!!!! No I'm to gitty, am I???


I will miss my son just a little!!

Big Reminder:


I have been working on my Ravelympics Shawl quite regularly. I will be posting a picture of that tomorrow also.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

Yes, this is another addition of my love for chatting!! I have had a productive week. I started my sock but had to put it to the side for now, why you ask, because of Ravolymics 08!! I am doing the Dayflower Daydream shawl with Harmony here are the pics:

I admit, I did not get to do much knitting last night but I fully intend to make some headway this weekend, I chose to do 2 Circulars because it is easier to manipulate with the fine yarn over dpns!! I think I will be putting markers on this project (i usually prefer to count as I knit) because after the 40th round I will have to restart this pattern and inject a new pattern in between the repeats, and that will happen 4 times!!

I can't wait to get my fingers on this today!!

I will be posting my progress here and on Ravelry. Just keep checking back to see it grow!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finally Got My Camera!!!

I finally got my camera, yeah!!! I am going to have a new label called my WIPS. This is where everyone who wants to see all the projects I do for myself and others will be tagged. Any yes, you will get to see how much I get (or don't get) done for myself!!

I am going to start with my sock yarn from Shannon. She gave this to me for my birthday.
I am going to do a cabled sock, not sure if I will write the pattern or follow one already written!!

I will be posting as I go now that I have my camera!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

August Class Schedule - General Help

I know, I know, I like to play with the template, colors etc. I get inspired by the new yarns and patterns to explore colors etc. As always, I welcome suggestions!!

August is now posted please click on the blinking icon in the upper right hand corner!!

I have posted the General Help Class Schedule, Please note there are a few days I will need to take off. Click on the information for the day you are interested in to get more information about the class.

When visiting the calender you can click on the return to home page at the top of the calender to return to this blog page.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for the birthday celebration!!!


Thanks to Chris & Kelly for baking yummy cakes, Thanks to Sloane and Bailey for the flowers and it is my guess coordination of the celebration!!! Yes we all know Sloane is a "hub", Thanks to Shannon for the fabulous sock yarn by Juliespins on Etsy, fantatic smelling hand milled soap and the encouragement to buy my first spinning wheel. Thanks to Chris not only for the cake but the beautiful cross stitch/beaded roll and book. Thanks to Kim, Doni and Beth for the gifts, each one was very thoughtful and personal, now I get to pamper my skin and hair all while having my latte!!!

And last but not least, Thank you to all who celebrated with me!!

On Saturday, my day off and my actual birthday, I did just what I wanted, My family and I had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, I shopped for appliances and browsed Home Goods!! Those who know me well know that lunching, shopping and being left alone to knit for myself are all luxuries!!! Oh yeah and I cut most of my hair off, I wasn't sure at first about cutting all the length off but Olesia at Salon Zion in a whiz and flat ironed or curly I am officially happy!!!

I am almost done with a baby blanket for our boyscout troops Asst. Scoutmaster's first grandchild!! I will be posting that pic by Friday.

I will have my August Schedule out by Friday as well!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

July Specialty Classes

Noro Noro Noro!!!

We just got a HUGE shipment in of Noro yarns. So this leaves me to do only one thing to do,

Schedule a couple of classes to utilize this wonderful yarn!!

I have put on my calendar [blinking icon on the upper right section]
these 2 classes.

Mitered Square: Sunday July 20th 2008 at 1:30-5:00 $45

Log Cabin: Sunday July 27th 2008 at 1:30-3:30 $25

These classes will be given at Sip & Knit. Please stop by to see the samples and sign up for the classes. If you have any questions please call the store.

I look forward to seeing you in class!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

Just felt like recapping my whirlwind of a week.

As some of you know my son was in band camp, and last week was his last week of camp. Well... of coarse they had to have the evening recital on July 2nd due to July 4th festivities that begin on July 3rd at Cranes Roost, Red Hot and Boom and July 4th everywhere else. The concert was ok but those bleachers were not made for my size butt!!! It was held at one of the middle schools and I guess the bleachers were built for a middle school butt!!

July 3rd was a great show of Red Hot and Boom. We were by the tower at Cranes Roost so I ask this question, Why couldn't we hear a note of music? The fireworks were so loud but yet we could talk to each other without straining, last year we felt like we were at a rock concert!!! (which I prefer to experience while watching fireworks!!!) It was over by 10pm and it took us until 11:45 to get home, we only live 4 miles away!!! We had a great time but we don't know if we will go next year.

July 4th - as some of you know my son is a boyscout. Our troop parked cars for the Rotary Club in Sanford by the water. We had a blast and the RC made the best food for us. Thank you!! We came back home and my son and nephews and husband and brother in law lit off fireworks!!!
All I can say is, IT WAS LOUD!!

July 5th - went something like this--- I'm bored, lets shoot off fireworks, when are we going to do something fun, we never do anything fun. Can you guess who I am?? I'll bet you can!!!

July 6th - Thank goodness it is time to go teach at LYS ahh some relaxation finally!!!

I know I was very tired and tense on Sunday, so to all who had to endure me I say thank you for all of your patience!!

The best news of all: My husband started his new job!!!

My hubby has worked so hard for the past 10yrs and he found a job that placed the proper value on that experience...his first day went well, he gets a fabulous vibe from the place and he says the people are so great. He looks forward to a long and fruitful employment. I am so proud of him!!

Here are pics of my pups

This one is Dixie the Staffordshire Bullterrier. She is trained to go wait for people to greet her in her basket. As you can tell by the face she is trying her best to contain herself as she waits for acknowledgment. Staffies adore people, they prefer people over anything even food!! Dixie is 81/2 and is 40lbs.

This is a pic of Vivian the Chihuahua. She is up on the arm of the couch making sure she gets top billing from everyone. Chihuahuas love to be on top. And I mean it in every sense of the word!! Dixie lets her think so but every now and again she overshadows Vivian just to keep her on her toes!! Vivian is 2 1/2 and 5lbs

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

General Help Class Schedule

Ok, instead of posting the General Help Class Schedule in a daily blog I figure out how to add a calendar, yes me, yes all by myself. Now with that said you must know it probably took me 10x's the effort it would have taken me to have a certain someone helping me!!!!
(I was determined to take my first steps in becoming self-blog-sufficient)

The link is the flashing icon on the upper right hand section off the blog.

I would love some feedback if anyone feels like it, either in a comment post or email me.

I will be adding the Specialty Classes to this Calendar as I post them, so check back regularly.

I would like to take a moment and thank Shannon for all the support she has given me, not to mention patience, while I got this blog up and running. Thank you

Monday, June 30, 2008


Just making a mention of the upcoming week:


The JULY SCHEDULE will be up by 7/2/08


June was such a fun month. Everyone who took the sock class and joined Buckeyes Booties
has been knitting away.

I am going to give a few workshops on different ways to knit socks. They will be posted this month. Socks are not the only thing on my agenda. There will be other technique classes as well, so keep looking as I add them.

Those who know me well know I add them as I fit them in - Just click on the links on the upper right hand corner for specific information.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Recap

Well, June is just about over. I can't believe it!!! Thanks to all for a great sock month. There will be a few Sock Clinic/Classes in July due to the overwhelming request from everyone!!

I have been working on different toe up options and heel options as well as offering classes on knitting with 2 circulars and dpns!!

I will be posting these classes by July 4th.

I will also be posting the July General Help Schedule within a few days. I do know that I will be in every Sunday in July!!

Just a few mentions to close with:

Welcome Oy, you have a great mommy and daddy!!!

To Marlene, we all are awaiting word on the safe arrival of the twins!!

*UPDATE* Marlene is now a Grandma!!! The twins arrived safely each weighing over 6lbs
Welcome Noelle and Lucas. Grandma will be knitting like there is no tomorrow!!

Chris, we hope you savor all the time with your Grandson these next 2 weeks!!

Marta, so glad you are back, you have great energy for all of us knitters!!

Congrats to all of the high school grads!!

And, a big WELCOME to all the new knitters who have joined our group in the last month!!

I'm sure there are some mentions I am missing but believe me, I will post them as I remember them!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sock Gusset and Decrease Class Sun 6/22

Just a reminder that there will be a Sock Gusset and Decrease Class on Sun 6/22/08

The cost is $20.00

We will be reviewing how to pick up a gusset and how to decrease it. Bring as many socks ready for the gusset pick up as you have.

Anyone needing this refresher can attend.

July sock classes will be forming soon. There will be a Beginner Class, Socks on 2 Circular Class, and Toe Up on either DPNS or 2 Circulars so keep checking.

Hope to see you all at class!!

Just Got Back From La-No-Che

Well I made it, bugs and all. I have to admit I missed my knitters tonight!!! However, I really did enjoy seeing the boys in their environment. We saw them rifle shooting, and it poured so we were stuck there for a while then we went to the campsite, and OMG these boys are sloppy, you should have seen their tents, clothes everywhere!!!

Our troop did the flag ceremony. My son did the actual folding, I was so proud. I have pics in my phone so when he gets home I hope he can download it to my computer so I can share it with everyone. We went into the dining hall and all I can say is now I know why these kids spend a fortune on Slushes and Candy and Cookies.

Then some of the boys joined me in the common house at their tent site for some conversation on books and a "friendly" game of blackjack. We went to the Pow Wow, it is a show put on by the Indians, and it was fun. We went back to the camp site to say goodbye and on our way to the car we saw a cute little BEAR, holy ....... I was ok until I actually saw a BEAR near the campsite. I don't think I will sleep right tonight, even though I know there are tons of BEARS all the time around there I just cant relax.

I cant wait to get him home. The dogs are so confused. I will be a much better knitter by Sunday classes once my little man is home safe and sound.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dont Forget No General Help Class 6/19

Just a reminder that on June 19th Thursday evening class has been canceled. I know that it is posted on the June General Help Session posting but I just wanted to make sure it was posted clearly.

I have family night out at La-No-Che Boyscout Camp where my son Alex is this week. Those of you who know me know that my idea of camping is a motel instead of a hotel!!! Alex loves this camp he is texting me approx. 15x a day. Its like he never left :)

I will miss everyone on Thursday night.

See you in Class

Sunday, June 15, 2008

K I P Day a great Success!!!

A great BIG THANKS to everyone for coming out to Knit in Public Day. We had a fabulous turnout at Starbucks I met some great ladies that came as far away as Mt. Dora to spend the morning with us and I am sure there were more hearty travelers I didn't get to meet due to the fact I had to go get class opened up.

Eventually everyone migrated over to Sip & Knit and hopefully went on a shopping spree to take advantage of the yarn sale!! I know a few of you were "hung over" after checking out!! And you know who you are....

July schedule will be up shortly so if anyone is wanting to see a class appear get those requests in now!!!

Remember, KIP day is over but it doesn't have to be, Keep On Knittin' in Public!!! (it puts smiles on faces)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!! Don't Forget Knit In Public Day 6/14

No real new news yet on classes. I am still filling in the blanks!! However Doni at Sip & Knit filled my head with great things from Market. Doni had a blast looking around and trying out all the new stuff to come. She has ordered loads of fun stuff from needles to sock yarn to bizarre yarn fibers. If you get a chance to come by the shop and if Doni is not to busy ask her about it!!!

I want everyone to remember about Knit In Public Day Saturday 6/14. Sip & Knit will be at the Starbucks across from the Pulix by the shop at 9:00am. Anyone who attends will receive a 5% off sticker to be used at Sip & Knit in addition to the 15% off yarn sale on Saturday. If you need further information please contact the store at 407-622-KNIT.

I can't believe it is half way thru June. I still can't get used to writing 08 for the date and it is half way thru the year!! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me. Maybe I have been hiding in my classroom where it is safe and cool and full of fabulous colors and fibers to notice the days pass by!! Oh well, life is pretty good in the right enviorment if you know what I mean!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sock Class Progress - tadaa!!!

Well sock class has officially ended!! Everyone did GREAT!! Everyone finished at least one full sock cuff to toe!!! That is fantastic! I think everyone has the second sock in progress and since doing the toe and putting it on we all have the ambition to finish the second one!!

I want to thank everyone for being such great students. Socks are a big commitment for a weekly class. Each week we needed to knit to the next section and that was a big push but everyone did it!!

We took a vote and there will be a 1 day Specialty Class on June 22nd at 1:30 - 4:00 for $20.00 This class will be a Gusset Pickup Class. We will be going over the gusset pickup and the decreasing. Bring as many socks in progress as possible. If you have not taken this last class and want a gusset pickup and decrease refresher please email for sign up info. If you have taken the class just show up.

Don't forget to bring any finished socks. We will be taking pictures to post here on the blog.

Thanks for a great month and I can't wait to see you all again!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last Call for Class Suggestions

To respond to everyone!! I know I have to get my butt in gear!! I am sending out an S O S I need suggestions for knit-a-longs. I was thinking of smaller projects that take 2-4 sessions so the cost will be reasonable. So far the contenders are as follows:

Continental Knitting

This would be a learn to knit continental for people who knit already. We would do a project that focused on first the knit stitch then the purl stitch.

Afghan Squares

This would be a knit-a-long containing a few types of squares then a last class to assemble

Socks on Circulars

This would be a class for all who know how to knit socks on dpns but want to try a new style of circular knitting. This will also benefit those who want to try it for the sock club Buckeyes Booties

I was leaning toward scheduling these on Wednesday evening which would mean no General Help Class on that particular Wednesday.

Please let me know your thoughts. The sooner the better. I want everyone interested to have a fair chance to attend.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sock Class Progress

This is everyone from the class holding thier sock!! I know the picture is not the best quality but I figure it is better than nothing!!

This is known as Socks in the Round (get it!!)

This is my sock I know I posted the picture up side down:)

Well we are really making progress in the sock class. So far we have cast on 4dpns and became very comfortable knitting in the round on dpns. Last weekwe knitted the heel flap and turned the heel . This week we tackled the gusset pick up and decrease!! I am so proud of everyone. Socks are small and require new skills for most people. Some of you didn't know if you could do it but I hope you feel more confident now because all of you are doing so well!!

June Dates For General Help Class

I still haven't found a better way to do this but at least you can put these dates in your calender!!

These are June 2008 dates held at Sip & Knit

Wednesday 11am-1pm
4th ,11th ,18th, 25th
Thursday 5pm-8pm
5th , 12th, 26th (no class on 19th)
Friday 10am-12pm
6th , 13th ooh spooky!!:) , 20th , 27th
Saturday 10am-1pm
Sunday 11am-1pm
8th , 22nd , 29th

June will the the last month with a Saturday class for the summer. I will resume adding Saturday in September.

These are for the General Help Sessions for June, I will be putting up the remainder of the summer shortly as well as some Wednesday Evening Knit along's. If you have any suggestions please post them it will be a great help to my decision making process.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still Time To Get In On The Sock Class

I have had inquires from clients asking if it was to late to get in on the sock class, well if you know me then you know it is never to late. If you can make it to General Help before Sunday you can still make the sock class. Just call me or email me at my gmail address on the sidebar!!

I hope all of you who would like to join come on in, socks are a blast to knit!! See you soon!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sock Class Starting Now!!

I still haven't figured out how to post this information better so I have to do it this way. In response to many requests I have put up a class for socks. It will start May 18th Sunday. Class itinerary is as follows:

All are on a Sunday

May 18th 11:00-1:00 The cost is $65.00 plus supplies.
May 25th 1:30-3:30
June 1st 11:00-1:00
June 8th 1:30-3:30

If you have been wanting to sign up for Buckeye's Booties sock club and need the class there is a special deal just contact Buckeye's Booties for details. If you can not make the first class but really want to join please email and I will contact you, in most cases we can meet before the second class and be caught up!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thank you for a FABULOUS APRIL

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all who have been attending class this last month! The workshops have been so much fun!!

Hopefully, for those of you who can, there will be photos of completed projects from class. Just email them to me or come in when class is in session and I will take a picture. I have the camera issue solved!!!

Due to the chaotic May schedule and Mothers' Day and Memorial Day thrown into the mix workshops will most likely start in June. Look for a Knit-along on Wed. evenings. Those who know me know the summer is a great time for me break from weekend only workshops!! Suggestions are welcome. Just post as a comment or email me!!

Again thanks for the great month and I hope to see you all soon!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My wee tiny sock!!

I have received my sock and it is so cute!! I love the colors. The picture will be up by the weekend. I still need my 12 year old Son Alex to help me!!

It was sent to me by Renna and her blog is Finding My Knitch

I cant wait to share it with everyone this week at my General Help Group. I know a few people who are waiting to see what I received!! Renna tells me this was made with Yarn Pirate colorway Earth and Ocean

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wee tiny sock 2008

wee tiny sock
This was my first time on the wee tiny sock swap!! I have been having so much fun knitting these little gems. I have decided that for every pair of socks I make for myself I will make a tiny one to wear on my purse!! I think I have convinced other sock knitters at my group to do the same.
I hope my sock pal likes this and I am sure she has gotten it already!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008