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Friday, July 11, 2008

July Specialty Classes

Noro Noro Noro!!!

We just got a HUGE shipment in of Noro yarns. So this leaves me to do only one thing to do,

Schedule a couple of classes to utilize this wonderful yarn!!

I have put on my calendar [blinking icon on the upper right section]
these 2 classes.

Mitered Square: Sunday July 20th 2008 at 1:30-5:00 $45

Log Cabin: Sunday July 27th 2008 at 1:30-3:30 $25

These classes will be given at Sip & Knit. Please stop by to see the samples and sign up for the classes. If you have any questions please call the store.

I look forward to seeing you in class!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

Just felt like recapping my whirlwind of a week.

As some of you know my son was in band camp, and last week was his last week of camp. Well... of coarse they had to have the evening recital on July 2nd due to July 4th festivities that begin on July 3rd at Cranes Roost, Red Hot and Boom and July 4th everywhere else. The concert was ok but those bleachers were not made for my size butt!!! It was held at one of the middle schools and I guess the bleachers were built for a middle school butt!!

July 3rd was a great show of Red Hot and Boom. We were by the tower at Cranes Roost so I ask this question, Why couldn't we hear a note of music? The fireworks were so loud but yet we could talk to each other without straining, last year we felt like we were at a rock concert!!! (which I prefer to experience while watching fireworks!!!) It was over by 10pm and it took us until 11:45 to get home, we only live 4 miles away!!! We had a great time but we don't know if we will go next year.

July 4th - as some of you know my son is a boyscout. Our troop parked cars for the Rotary Club in Sanford by the water. We had a blast and the RC made the best food for us. Thank you!! We came back home and my son and nephews and husband and brother in law lit off fireworks!!!
All I can say is, IT WAS LOUD!!

July 5th - went something like this--- I'm bored, lets shoot off fireworks, when are we going to do something fun, we never do anything fun. Can you guess who I am?? I'll bet you can!!!

July 6th - Thank goodness it is time to go teach at LYS ahh some relaxation finally!!!

I know I was very tired and tense on Sunday, so to all who had to endure me I say thank you for all of your patience!!

The best news of all: My husband started his new job!!!

My hubby has worked so hard for the past 10yrs and he found a job that placed the proper value on that experience...his first day went well, he gets a fabulous vibe from the place and he says the people are so great. He looks forward to a long and fruitful employment. I am so proud of him!!

Here are pics of my pups

This one is Dixie the Staffordshire Bullterrier. She is trained to go wait for people to greet her in her basket. As you can tell by the face she is trying her best to contain herself as she waits for acknowledgment. Staffies adore people, they prefer people over anything even food!! Dixie is 81/2 and is 40lbs.

This is a pic of Vivian the Chihuahua. She is up on the arm of the couch making sure she gets top billing from everyone. Chihuahuas love to be on top. And I mean it in every sense of the word!! Dixie lets her think so but every now and again she overshadows Vivian just to keep her on her toes!! Vivian is 2 1/2 and 5lbs