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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last Call for Class Suggestions

To respond to everyone!! I know I have to get my butt in gear!! I am sending out an S O S I need suggestions for knit-a-longs. I was thinking of smaller projects that take 2-4 sessions so the cost will be reasonable. So far the contenders are as follows:

Continental Knitting

This would be a learn to knit continental for people who knit already. We would do a project that focused on first the knit stitch then the purl stitch.

Afghan Squares

This would be a knit-a-long containing a few types of squares then a last class to assemble

Socks on Circulars

This would be a class for all who know how to knit socks on dpns but want to try a new style of circular knitting. This will also benefit those who want to try it for the sock club Buckeyes Booties

I was leaning toward scheduling these on Wednesday evening which would mean no General Help Class on that particular Wednesday.

Please let me know your thoughts. The sooner the better. I want everyone interested to have a fair chance to attend.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sock Class Progress

This is everyone from the class holding thier sock!! I know the picture is not the best quality but I figure it is better than nothing!!

This is known as Socks in the Round (get it!!)

This is my sock I know I posted the picture up side down:)

Well we are really making progress in the sock class. So far we have cast on 4dpns and became very comfortable knitting in the round on dpns. Last weekwe knitted the heel flap and turned the heel . This week we tackled the gusset pick up and decrease!! I am so proud of everyone. Socks are small and require new skills for most people. Some of you didn't know if you could do it but I hope you feel more confident now because all of you are doing so well!!

June Dates For General Help Class

I still haven't found a better way to do this but at least you can put these dates in your calender!!

These are June 2008 dates held at Sip & Knit

Wednesday 11am-1pm
4th ,11th ,18th, 25th
Thursday 5pm-8pm
5th , 12th, 26th (no class on 19th)
Friday 10am-12pm
6th , 13th ooh spooky!!:) , 20th , 27th
Saturday 10am-1pm
Sunday 11am-1pm
8th , 22nd , 29th

June will the the last month with a Saturday class for the summer. I will resume adding Saturday in September.

These are for the General Help Sessions for June, I will be putting up the remainder of the summer shortly as well as some Wednesday Evening Knit along's. If you have any suggestions please post them it will be a great help to my decision making process.