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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

Yes, this is another addition of my love for chatting!! I have had a productive week. I started my sock but had to put it to the side for now, why you ask, because of Ravolymics 08!! I am doing the Dayflower Daydream shawl with Harmony here are the pics:

I admit, I did not get to do much knitting last night but I fully intend to make some headway this weekend, I chose to do 2 Circulars because it is easier to manipulate with the fine yarn over dpns!! I think I will be putting markers on this project (i usually prefer to count as I knit) because after the 40th round I will have to restart this pattern and inject a new pattern in between the repeats, and that will happen 4 times!!

I can't wait to get my fingers on this today!!

I will be posting my progress here and on Ravelry. Just keep checking back to see it grow!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finally Got My Camera!!!

I finally got my camera, yeah!!! I am going to have a new label called my WIPS. This is where everyone who wants to see all the projects I do for myself and others will be tagged. Any yes, you will get to see how much I get (or don't get) done for myself!!

I am going to start with my sock yarn from Shannon. She gave this to me for my birthday.
I am going to do a cabled sock, not sure if I will write the pattern or follow one already written!!

I will be posting as I go now that I have my camera!!!