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Monday, January 5, 2009


I hope everyone has been recuperating from the holiday season. I know I have been trying.....but as you know I have a hard time with the unwinding process from anything.

I have been making a class list that looks something like this:


SOCKS FOR BEGINNERS - Double points or 2 circluars

SOCKS FOR 2 CIRCULARS - For the sock knitter who wants to learn the 2 circular way, or of you already know how to do 2 circulars, for the sock knitter who wants an original pattern to indulge in a fancy sock.

ENTRELAC - Technique class.

COLOR KNITTING - Technique class.

A SUMMER TOP - Project class.

LACE SHAWL - Technique class.

well, it will continue to grow so post your requests!!!

I am just waiting for a date confirmation for Solo and Ensemble for my son Alex. It is held over a weekend in February and I don't want to book a class and have to reschedule it. Alex is being judged on the Marimba, Snare Drum and Timpiani this year!! He made it very clear he needs me to be there for support, and everyone knows there is no one like Mommy when it comes to the scary stuff!!