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Saturday, August 23, 2008

General Help Class Schedule



I have also posted 4 new workshops!!

Toe Up Sock Class

Oops I dropped a stitch!!!

Wine Bottle Cozy otherwise known as an "Adult Christmas Stocking"-great party gift!!

Felted Coasters and Beer (can) Cozy

More detailed info will be at the store tomorrow. Sign up begins immediately!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Class Alert!!



See you in Class!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Class Alert!!

If the rain keeps up through the morning I will have to cancel Fridays Class 8-22-08 10-12

Check back here by 9am to see if it is a go or not. For those of you who have my contact # feel free to call, but I will post by 9am Friday for sure

Okay so I spoke to soon, it is a monsoon outside!!! I went to pick up my son from school and everyone else must have had the same idea. He normally takes the bus but it was kicking up pretty hard out there!! I was 5 blocks away on the back of the line from the pick up zone....ugh

My front tree is a big live oak that is sick and needs to come down. We are getting estimates for windows and a roof before we take it down, however, Fay may do us the honor!!!

Try to get my staffie Dixie out in the rain, good luck, I had to dress her in a sweater so she would go out. Vivian, the chihuahua has more you know whats she goes out in anything but this rain makes the ground like a kiddie pool so she gave me a little resistance but went out anyway!!

Oh new bulletin School is Closed tomorrow!!! My guess is that the rain will subside, you know, Murphys Law!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay, Fay Go Away!!

Ok, I know I said I would post pictures by Monday, but, we were expecting Hurricane Fay, which as you know turned out to be a Tropical Storm. Huh, what a joke, those of you who live here know what I mean and those of you who don't live here let me explain:

The first thing you do is go food shopping, and I mean a lot of food shopping, not just what you normally buy but canned goods you never really use. Just in case of a power outage. We need to be able to eat something, so it is chef boy-ardee to the rescue!! Then we start to put things away we have been taking our time going through, like the linen closet or pantry or papers that have stacked up way to high. Now you are in hyper mode!!! So you figure you better clean the bathroom, again, and maybe vacum. When the power goes out 95degrees makes even the cleanest carpet smell!! Having no power is bad enough but couple it with high degrees and high humidity, and yuck is all I can say! At least if it was cold we could keep warm by the fireplace!! Even if it was only 70 or 80 it would be tolerable!!

When your inside is done you go outside and double check you don't have anything that can fly around and say, come through you window!! So you wind up doing a little more that that. It is just human nature to prune some of the plants being you are all sweaty and muddy anyway!!

Last, your kid is now home for atleast one day, the second day of school, so there goes the relaxation you were counting on!!!

So now you hunker down!! as the newcasters like to say. Then you wait and watch the new continuously for approach studying the doppler radar like a pro and this is what you get:

The storm has weakened, there is some rain and wind, but nothing out of the ordinary for Orlando. Then the storms turn a little more east instead of north, which is where we are in relationship to the northeast quardrent of the storm of coarse this is the part where tornadoes are probable, so we are getting ummmm NOTHING!! oh maybe just a smidge!!

So here is what I have experienced as a result of this:

I have groceries to return. Lets face it I will not eat the canned goods and why waste money in this day and age.

My son now has to make up 2 days of school which will interfere with Fall Break and probably Summer Vacation. They will take 1 day from the break and add one day at the end of school.
Keep in mind this is just the beginning of the hurricane season. It lasts until Nov. and typically Sept is the really active month

I have to ripe the closets apart again because, lets face it, I have no idea what I put back!!

Last but not least, I lost business due to the panic. Only 2 brave soldiers came to class in the light rain, everyone else was wiped out from the stress of getting ready for the storm. I know the store owner lost 2 days of business and can't imagine all the other small businesses that will lose most of this week to the trama.

Believe me I am grateful that is wound up being nothing!! Just over tired I guess.

*UPDATE 8/21 8AM - Fay is now dumping constant rain on us, and wind gust is pretty good, so this is the day the kids go back to school!! Yes school is now open all I can say is WHAT THE HECK!!!*

I am working on the pictures now. Here are some of the ones I have ready, you can also view more on the Flickr icon to the right of this post and down the page!!

To the left are completed "Adult Christmas Stockings", just fill with you favorite wine or champagne!!
To the right are hats for the troops.
These were done by sisters who come to me frequently and I love when they come in!! One day I will be able to tell them apart!!

Two felted purses.....

Two knitted socks......

Two pairs of legwarmers....

I get the feeling this student likes the # 2!!! I call her my happy knitter!!

To the left a pair of toe up sock made with melody
On the right a skirt in the round.
These are done by 2 students who travel all the way from Mt. Dora to visit the shop and take lessons with me.

Christmas Stocking in progress!!

Now here is one lady who does not let any grass grow under her feet!!

Smart lady to get started on holiday knitting, I wish we all would take a Que and get going!!

Well I hope these pictures tide you over for now. Hopefully between friday and sunday classes I will have more pictures to post next week!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

I know it has been to long between posts!!

I have pics to post and will do them tomorrow, after all tomorrow is my first day off since June 5th, yes school starts 8/18 for our southern babies!!!! No I'm to gitty, am I???


I will miss my son just a little!!

Big Reminder:


I have been working on my Ravelympics Shawl quite regularly. I will be posting a picture of that tomorrow also.