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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Feel Like Chatting!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted sooner!!

I just cant seem to get used to this new schedule!!

My husband ha a new schedule at work and we feel like all we do is work and crash. My poor son cant get used to it easier. I was very accustomed to just saying, "Going to the store be back soon" and Tommy was there to take care of Alex. I know it is just a matter of organization but that is not what I aspire to!!:) I would rather knit or be with knitters or teach some knitting, get the picture?!

Today is #2 of sock class. I hope everyone loved working on the 2 circular this week to complete the foot. Hopefully I will have some pics to post tonight!!

In the next week or two I will post October and November to the calendar and when the Sweater class and Christmas Stocking class will be given, and I believe it will begin the first weekend in October.

If you have any suggestions post them here. I dont check my email as often as I do my blog site.

Well it is off to the store for some cappuccino and good company!! I love that machine we have where else can you get cappuccino, latte , espresso and coffee all with a touch of a button and it is complimentary to boot!!