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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday is my Monday!!

Wednesday General Help is my Monday of the week!!

I love getting started on Wed. for my work week, its so much fun to catch up with everyone after they have had a weekend to experience new events and a day or two to catch up and come in share their news!

Today was quite busy at Sip & Knit, lots of laughs left me overheated and chuckling for quite a while :).  

I want to thank all who were patiently waiting for my help while I worked my way around the room, I know sometimes it can be frustrating however please know that I am aware and try to give everyone equal time, but, please do not hesitate to grab me if you are crunched for time. Everyone is equally important to me, so please jump on me if you need too, I have a 16 yr old son a husband and chihuahua (the staffie is a dream), believe me I can take it!!! and I confess, I love it!

Feel free to leave any comments or antic-dotes in the comment section I would love to start sharing the day with those who cant make it in for one reason or another!

See you on Friday!!

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