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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Restart my Heart!! New Classes Here

Well, guess I have been inspired to restart my blog.  Please forgive me this last year and half has been quite the challenge.  I can hardly believe it has be a year since the "great gallbladder incident of 2011"!!  Things have finally evened out and Doni and I are back on track!!

I have put up some workshops to get the ball rolling, if you have any requests or would like to see a time added to any class already listed please let me know.  I intend to get to my blog at least once a day.

Here is the link for the CLASS LIST FOR FALL 2012,   

I am working on a calendar that will be easy to use so that updating will be done timely so please bear with me while I get that underway.

I look forward to seeing everyone and hearing what everyone has been up to!!  Please stop in and say HI


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