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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

new website coming soon.....stay tuned!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday is my Monday!!

Wednesday General Help is my Monday of the week!!

I love getting started on Wed. for my work week, its so much fun to catch up with everyone after they have had a weekend to experience new events and a day or two to catch up and come in share their news!

Today was quite busy at Sip & Knit, lots of laughs left me overheated and chuckling for quite a while :).  

I want to thank all who were patiently waiting for my help while I worked my way around the room, I know sometimes it can be frustrating however please know that I am aware and try to give everyone equal time, but, please do not hesitate to grab me if you are crunched for time. Everyone is equally important to me, so please jump on me if you need too, I have a 16 yr old son a husband and chihuahua (the staffie is a dream), believe me I can take it!!! and I confess, I love it!

Feel free to leave any comments or antic-dotes in the comment section I would love to start sharing the day with those who cant make it in for one reason or another!

See you on Friday!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Restart my Heart!! New Classes Here

Well, guess I have been inspired to restart my blog.  Please forgive me this last year and half has been quite the challenge.  I can hardly believe it has be a year since the "great gallbladder incident of 2011"!!  Things have finally evened out and Doni and I are back on track!!

I have put up some workshops to get the ball rolling, if you have any requests or would like to see a time added to any class already listed please let me know.  I intend to get to my blog at least once a day.

Here is the link for the CLASS LIST FOR FALL 2012,   

I am working on a calendar that will be easy to use so that updating will be done timely so please bear with me while I get that underway.

I look forward to seeing everyone and hearing what everyone has been up to!!  Please stop in and say HI


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Events at Sip & Knit, Inc.

Please make a note that Thursday Evening General Help has been moved to Friday at 5 -8 pm and will be available along with our new Happy Hour Fridays, so look for the Martini Glasses for your yarn special for the Happy Hour!!

Please refer to the newsletter for current class information. I am in the process of getting another website up with a calendar that actually works!! I am so sorry for the inconvienence please bear with me while these changes are being made.

We always welcome your calls and questions so either contact me at 407-718-1280 or stop by Sip & Knit, Inc. during business hours.

Thank you


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please refer to the Newsletter on the Sip & Knit, Inc. website to see some of the new classes that are filling up quickly!!

Unforturnatly there is a problem with my Bravenet Calander, I have updated it 2xs and it does not show the update. I am waiting for an answer so that it can be fixed asap!! Please note that as of now I do not have any cancellation dates for any General Help Classes I will post them here if one should come up and the calander is still not operating.

We also have new store hours if you click here you can view the email that was sent out or just click here for the website to view the new hours!!

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010


I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support as our family says goodbye to its oldest member , my Grandma, my sons Great-Grandma, she was 92 and was a part of our lives. I was very lucky to be with her the evening before she passed away. This has been a difficult time especially for my father, this was his mother.

I am now back in the swing of things and I deeply apologize for the gap in my postings.

I have posted the General Help Schedule for June and July

I am generating classes for June and July. Some of June is posted in my Bravenet Calendar just click the blinking icon and flip through the calendar to see what is evolving. I should be done with this after class today before dinner.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to call Sip & Knit, Inc at 407-622-KNIT or me at 407-718-1280

Thank you and I hope to see you all at the big table!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

General Help Update


I have decided to begin swapping some of the Sunday General Help Sessions for Saturday General Help Sessions!! Please keep a close eye on the calander and as always Doni will be sending out an email when the schedule is completed.

Rae-Ann and I will be posting classes for the Spring and Summer so keep on the look out for that schedule also!!

Please come by and see all the new yarn and patterns that have been coming in on a regular basis!!

I look forward to seeing everyone real soon